Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicken ragout with onion and red wine

After a whole week of anticipation, I finally made the ragout. As my roommate said, I am getting exponentially better. I am no longer in a hurry when I cook. I don't rush things up and I am more at ease with each step.
This week has been crazy. First I couldn't wake up in the morning. Everyday I woke up no seeing the morning light. Then I couldn't fall asleep. After two nights of insomnia, finally Friday night's booze came to my rescue. Two beer and one sip of vodka saved my sleep.
Therefore, last night I was able to gradually get back in track after a long day at the Renaissance fair.
Still stressful from all the school work, I have found this week to be particularly unproductive. I began procrastinating and stress eating. But I have been keep up with my yoga every two or three days. Life is hectic, and there's never enough time.
Fortunately, I could still find the joy in cooking; something should remain beautiful, even though I may be thinking about other impossible and irrelevant things.
I learned to use the buerre manie according to Julia's direction, instead of just using corn starch. Then, to go with the chicken, I chose to make sautéed zucchini. The recipe told me to grate the zucchinis, but I just sliced them and it worked out fine.
Another success meal, my roommate is starting to bake. I feel the calories on my hips and love handles getting thick. But I am happier and merrier.

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