Friday, September 30, 2011

my first dinner party

Tonight I'm having my first dinner party. I will cook for six people including myself. On demand, I will make a Chinese spicy dish called Kung-pao chicken. And, in order to follow my Julia Child's cookbook I will make cabbage rolls. Desert was supposed to be chocolate mousse. But when I realized that I couldn't beat the egg white to a foamy peak by hand I gave up trying. To fix my soon-to-fail mousse, I added flour and put it into the oven to turn it into a chocolate brownie. It came out of the oven looking fine, but I will have to wait for my guests to comment on the tastes.

Although little nervous, and excited about the party, I feel also quite bad about not studying much this week. Weekends will have to be productive, I'm setting my alarm clock tonight.

Wish me luck, Julia.
I'll come back later with results and pictures of the dinner party.

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