Sunday, October 2, 2011

chicken meunière

Chicken sautéd in butter, with creamy mushroom and asparagus sauce. I feel much warmer after eating. The sudden drop of temperature almost made me believe that winer's here. A warm kitchen turns everything so much better.

The only sadness in the kitchen today is that my cucumber went bad. I had forgotten about it. I don't really like cucumber, I bought it for the possibility of pasta salad, which I had changed into mashed potatoes for the dinner party. It gave up on me after three days! I still can't believe it!

Anyway, the chicken turned out to be fantastic. Julia's recipe recommended creamy mushroom sauce. I added asparagus because I realized that I bought some. A note to remember in the future: do not buy too much produce at once!

I also made fried green beans with red chili pepper and a bit of ground beef; a popular Chinese dish. Brown rice went well with the two dishes, and I have plenty left-overs for lunches during the week.

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