Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dinner party

Last night's dinner party was so successful that I almost fell in love with myself.
Julia's cabbage role is so fantastic that I just want to make more of them again! Great I still have a big part of the cabbage left. Although next time I will remember to boil the cabbage leaves longer because they are not as tender as cabbages in China.
The chocolate brownie turned from a failed mousse worked out really well. The girls loved it!
The mashed potatoes look yellow because I used both potatoes and yams, with salt and pepper, and of course, old bay!
Kung-pao chicken was a bit different from the first time I made them, but probably because I used scallion instead of leek this time.
Now I really think I can cook. I really can cook. I do. I'm falling in love with my kitchen.

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